Xbox 360 theme for Windows

Major Nelson was the one to push me to install his Xbox 360 theme for Windows-based Smartphones, way back before I was working on their behalf. So it piqued my interest to read today and see a post about a Xbox 360 theme for Windows. “Theme” is putting it nicely, this thing reskins all your window bars, buttons, start bar, icons and everything to have a wholly Xbox 360 look and feel. I’ve never even looked into this as the limit of my OS customization has rarely been beyond changing out the desktop background. This looks pretty cool, not sure if I’m going to go with it myself since I don’t feel like installing the WindowBlinds or WindowBlinds Object Desktop from Stardock right now just to give it a spin. Maybe I will once I’m more committed to the theme. Somebody should do one that’s a bit more reminiscent of the blades in the Xbox Dashboard, I would like that. That might push me over into the, I’ll-buy-this-software-and-try-out-the-theme line. So how ’bout it?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is pretty cool actually. Thanks for being so easy to find when I did a MSN 8 search. :)

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