Easy HTML code: Add a friend to your Xbox friends list

Back at the end of March, Xbox.com was updated to allow for the management of your friends list online. This was an upgrade from relying solely on the Xbox Live interface on your Xbox 360 or Xbox to do the same. Right after the new feature launched, I remember seeing someone on a forum who managed to make a Gamercard picture that, when you clicked on it, would automatically add them to your friends list. Well, not quite automatically, you still had to log in to Xbox.com for the URL to pass through the request to your account. A month later, I couldn’t find where I saw it, but I wanted to figure out how they did it so I could post it in a thread on NeoGAF. Taking a look at the URL created when you try to add someone to your friends list via Xbox.com, I figured out a shortened URL that works every time. You can use the following URL in HTML code if you want to make a one-click link to have people add you to their friends list.

Here is the syntax of the HTML:

Just don’t forget to replace the “XXXX” with your own gamertag.

For example, mine would look like this:

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  1. jackinthex says:

    Xbox.com has updated theire site and these links no longer work.

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