Halo 3 beta sign-up begins today

"Halo 3" beta test web page screenshotToday (at some undetermined point of time) the Halo 3 website will start taking in applications for the upcoming beta test in spring 2007, which was announced last week. This is just the first of different ways that will be made available to get into the beta — but you might as well try to get in to every way possible for this, don’t you think? This is personally such a tease, I can’t wait to play this game, especially after all the Pimps at Sea games I spotted being played this weekend.

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  1. Ryan Bennett says:

    I would love to help with your Halo 3 beta launch and give you feed back about it for it’s final debut.

    My mailing address is [Personal information deleted]

    I would be honored to be a part of this epic moment in history!

  2. arne says:


    While I appreciate the sentiment and effort, I don't have any control over who does or doesn't get into the "Halo 3" beta. Your best bet at this point is to try to hop in on the "Rule of 3" contest or you'll have to buy a copy of "Crackdown." good luck!

  3. starfishman says:

    hey dudes, im gonna get crackdown on sat so will i still be able to get beta ?

  4. arne says:


    yes, you should/will be fine.

  5. starfishman says:

    ok thanks dude

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