SIMPLE 2007 Vol. 2: THE Weekly Summary Post

Simple 2007 Vol. 1: THE Weekly Summary Post

A weekly summary of what is being heavily discussed in the gaming community.

Week of July 8 — 13, 2007

Given that this week was E3 and therefore the volume of community discussion too much to keep up with — the three press conferences, Killzone 2, Wii Fit, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, etc. — I’m foregoing this week’s weekly summary. Check back next weekend for Vol. 3.

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  1. Chris Rasco says:

    What was your favorite game at E3 this year?

  2. arne says:


    Tough to tell, as I only got to check out the games from reviews posted on the web. I didn’t even get my hands on COD4 or GHIII at the Microsoft Community Event.

    That being said, based on my conversations with folks and reading the coverage it looks like it’s a toss-up between Mass Effect, Rock Band and COD4.

    For all the hoopla and debating about the death of E3, I think this was a stellar E3 if you were all about the games. Pretty much, everything looked or sounded great.

    What was yours? Or does that mean I should actually go read the site?

  3. Chris Rasco says:

    I wasn’t at the show this year. eToy was there and he had a nice write up on it here:

    That being said, I’ve heard Mass Effect come up a lot. I also hear a lot of buzz about Rock Band. I’ll have to wait and see what grabs me upon release. I tend to let far too many titles slip past me.

  4. arne says:


    Regarding Jason’s hygiene comment… tell him he should be glad he didn’t come check out Forza 2 at GDC. I feel for Dan Greenawalt for persisting past lunch whilst not losing his lunch. Ew.

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