Boom Boom Rocket Goes to London Town

30 St. Mary AxeOver on GameSetWatch, Simon caught something interesting during what might be one of his many games of Boom Boom Rocket — a familiar building. In his post, Simon says that the building happens to be facsimile of the 30 St. Mary Axe building in London. He points out that the, according to the Wikipedia article he and I both linked to, this isn’t the first time the building was used in a video game, having made an appearance in The Getaway 2: Black Monday for the PlayStation 2.

Boom Boom Rocket - 30 St. Mary Axe replicaThe only thing missing from the post was a screenshot of the building in the rhythm game developed by Bizarre Creations, so, finding his post interesting, I decided to oblige. I got credited more than I should have — I really didn’t go beyond the call of duty, I just wanted to contribute to what I found to be an interesting article. At least with 30 St. Mary Axe and the genre Boom Boom Rocket resides in, Bizarre Creations doesn’t have to worry about answering to a higher power.

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