Sad News: GamerDad In Hospital. Get Well Soon!

Andrew Bub “GamerDad” and wife in hospitalNews circulated around the blogs today letting me know that Andrew “GamerDad” Bub, who ran the GamerDad and GameSanity blogs, had suffered two heart attacks over Labor Day weekend and ended up in surgery for a quadruple bypass. Ouch.

Even though Andrew and I had some friction from time to time in our professional relationship, he’s always been a great to work with. He’s a total stand-up guy and deserves — I say even commands — a whole lot of respect for what he has accomplished for gaming, gaming parents and families who play video games together.

Andrew’s wife posted a page with updates and asks for donations to help his undoubtedly mounting hospital bills — a much too unfortunate reality of this day and age. Help them out if you can, I’m sure any little bit helps.

I hope you feel better soon Andrew!

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