Rock Band PhotoCreator – plz wait kthxbai

I was totally overjoyed to hear today that relaunched and included some highly requested (maybe only by me) features, such as taking a photo renderer so you can take photos of your in-game character or band. If you really want to represent, you can apparently make merchandise featuring your characters or your band. Going even a step farther, you can make your own 6-inch 3D figurines for the ultimate in rock glory geekery. Of course, I couldn’t wait to go on and take a photo of my character just to test out their photo rendered. So I did.

After selecting my background, pose, expression and photo filter, I hit “Take photo” and got the progress bar pictured in this post. The site helpfully lets me know that “Sometimes it can take a minute for photos to render.”

That was an hour and a half ago… and the bar is still somewhere between roughly 25% and 33% complete.

Hopefully the site is just being hammered or there’s some optimization that still has to be left, because this is nearly as frustrating as Mega Man 9. Well, that’s only true because I wanted to try this out so bad and, well, I’m feeling really impatient.

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  1. Richard says:

    you can go away from the page and it will still render. I got my figurine image after about an hour, waiting two hours for my band pics so far.

    why they didn’t just go the forza/pgr route and render locally is mystifying to me.

  2. arne says:


    Oh I know I don’t have to let the page sit there, but it’s more fun watching the paint, er, dry, in this instance.

    There’s no photomode built in from what I can tell, so they can’t render locally. This is using some XLSP/PSN backend voodoo with your character profile. Pretty cool even if it’s currently slow.

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