XABY Radio Episode 1 – Brave New World

I recently endured the ignominy of being awake at eight o’clock in the morning on a Sunday–a SUNDAY–to join Nayan, Josh, Eric and Segata to record our inaugural XABY Radio podcast. I didn’t talk much, so I definitely needed a coffee or a beer. Or both. Noted for next time.


I was pretty honored to be invited to partake in the podcast. These are all guys whose point of view I respect quite a bit and–at least those of us I could find a blog by–all have some pretty insightful and interesting commentary about games and the industry. We kind of ran out of time to get to some real interesting topics, but all in all, not too shabby a start. We’ll get better and I’m really looking forward to being more awake next time.

The podcast covers us reviewing our newest game purchases and discussing the recent Nintendo Conference (Japan, US – Day 1 and Day 2), the future of DRM, along with the road to Tokyo Game Show.

We’ll be placing it up on iTunes soon, but you can download a measly (28 MB) file on the XABY Radio page: http://xabyradio.libsyn.com/

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