Mother 3 Fan Translation – Out Now

I’m a pretty shameful gamer in some respects–I haven’t ever played Cave Story or Final Fantasy VII, just for starters. Another game that has escaped me for the longest time was Earthbound. Granted, my SNES years were very limited in terms of game purchases–I only own nine cartridges. There are some good gems in there like Shadowrun, Mechwarrior, Super Castlevania IV and Super R-Type. This means I did not fully understand the gravity of the situation leading up to the 2006 release of Mother 3 nor the fan anger at the lack of localization plans on the part of Nintendo. It was only thanks to the constant chatter about this game that got me looking into it. It sounds just like the type of game I would like to play and think about.

Where was I? Oh yes. Thanks to the untiring dedication of a team of Mother 3 fans over nearly two years, there is hope for us deficient in the Japanese language skills. This week, the Mother 3 fan translation has been released and, through some voodoo trickery (to me at least), you can now play through the game in English. The download and instructions on ways to play can be found on the Mother 3 Fan Translation site.

This is absolutely motivating me to learn how to do fancy things to carts and ROMs and such that I never imagined tackling so I can play this on my Nintendo DS (or my Game Boy Advance SP).

Not to be overlooked, has compiled and will publish a high quality companion to Mother 3. You can pre-order now, but the book won’t be ship until around early January they say.

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  1. Greg4cr says:

    Gah, the wait is so hard. I’m holding off on Mother 3 until my GBA flash cart and Game Boy Micro get here.

    The companion book looks so awesome. I preordered one. Starmen’s giant Earthbound fan book that they sent to the press was really cool (I’m leafing through my copy now).

    arne replies:
    October 19, 2008 at 12:24 pm

    I still need to figure out what I need and all the steps so I can play it on my DS/GBA! So I’m pretty damn behind as it is.

    I’ll definitely be preordering a book later on this year, looks like amazing stuff for a fan project.

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