Dear (gaming) Diary: Week of Oct 12, 2008

A weekly log of the games I’ve played accompanied by some random thoughts about them

Sunday, October 12, 2008
Halo 3
I met up with DMoTsunami online again to continue our co-op campaign. We completed The Ark, Floodgate and part of The Covenant. Why part? That dreaded disconnect thing again. It’s gotten a little frustrating especially since neither of us has terrible connections or have had problems in other games.

Oh god, why more Flood? I knew this was gonna happen but I wasn’t looking forward to it. This also means that somehow, in the past year, I’ve managed to avoid any and all spoilers about the game. Ignorance is bliss.

NHL 09
I took on Denogginizer OS on a game fraught with tri-state area rivalry as he took the New Jersey Devils against my New York Rangers in an online match. He beat me 4 – 1 in a pretty good game where I drew first blood and then he just kept putting them in the net including a beautiful wrap-around goal. DenogginizerOS is pretty agressive and tenacious on the ice–I’d watch out for him.

Here are the game stats, courtesy of the functionality EA implemented where you can receive stats for your games via e-mail:

Stats              Away                Home
Team               New York Rangers®   New Jersey Devils®
Score              1                   4
Shots              12                  29
Hits               20                  34
Penalty Minutes    02:00               06:00
Power Play Goals   0                   0
Power Play Opport. 2                   1
Faceoffs Won       5                   18
Breakaways         0/0                 0/1
One Timers         0/3                 0/8
Passing            80/100              84/113
Penalty Shots      0/0                 0/0
Blocked Shots      3                   3

Wednesday, October 15, 2008
NHL 09
After I grabbed some slider settings from OperationSports, I hit up “Be a Pro” mode. I was warned that this was digital crack of MMO proportions, but I couldn’t stay away anyway. Of course I picked to be a NY Ranger, so I am now on the Hartford Wolfpack, their AHL affiliate team.

I scored my first rookie goal in my debut game against the Iowa Chops. What kind of team name is that? If it isn’t obvious, I’m totally clueless about AHL teams.

Four games later, it was 2:00 AM and I realized I was addicted already. “Just one more game…” was the death of me.

Call of Duty: World at War beta
I found myself back playing the beta, but I’ve been sticking to only playing Team Deathmatch. I’ll have to give the War mode a shot at some point because it sounds like an interesting mechanic. I’m still having difficulty doing well on the dark map in the seaside village. It’s almost too dark and I’m practically relying almost entirely on my radar, which doesn’t help if there’s an adversary sneaking around. While I’m sure my overall kill-death ratio is in the negative, this map is definitely one where my deaths vastly outnumber my kills.

I’ve also hit level 5 during this sessions, so I’ve unlocked and made progress into the Challenges for each weapon type. So I’m definitely getting somewhere now since having a flash suppressor would come in handy on the above map. I’ve been feeling vastly outmatched by folks who are level 11 already, not only because of their skill, but because of some of the attachments such as the flash suppressor or a scope. Thankfully the Call of Duty progression system doesn’t make it feel like that being more evenly matched is out of reach–you just have to a little time and effort into it and I’m fine with that.

Thursday, October 16, 2008
Halo 3
DMoTsunami and I are replaying The Ark and The Covenant because our unfortunate disconnects during the game meant we restarted during rally points within each chapter. That was no good, because even though it unlocked the chapter for me, it didn’t record me as finishing the chapter on Legendary nor did it give me the achievement for completing the chapter. Very un-fun. This time we can breeze through it a bit quicker since I also know what we’re up against.

NHL 09
Like I junkie, I keep coming back to NHL 09 for my fix of “Be a Pro” mode. I only played two games, fiddled with the sliders a bit more and it’s starting to feel more natural and realistic. The shifts (especially when I’m resting) are still a little too long, but that is because I’m still only at five minute periods. I’ll increase this up to ten for the next game and on until I’m done with the mode or the game. Most of the games have been generally been close and it’s gotten me genuinely excited whether I win or lose.

I noticed that a lot of my gaming information has been incorrect when reported over on EA Sports World. According to my profile page I’m playing for the Grand Rapids Griffins when I’m on the Wolfpack and my opponent is inaccurate, although the scores are correct as best as I can tell. For some reason my updates section is also empty, when it should be reflecting all of my games and milestones within the game. It would be nice, given how EA is trying to implement tight integration between their games and the Web site, but it’s not that big a deal.


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  1. Ryan O says:

    I too am in the COD beta and I can’t help but shake the feeling that it feels like a mod of COD4. I admit not playing too much of it but right now, it all feels the same.

    arne replies:
    October 20, 2008 at 10:46 am

    As far as the multiplayer portion of it goes, is that necessarily a bad thing? The COD4 multiplayer system provided some innovations in creating a compelling multiplayer scenario and keeping it sticky over time with leveling and prestige and what not.

    Why fix what’s not broken?

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