Gamasutra – Male-Only vs. Female-Only Protagonists?

Gamasutra’s regular column, The Divnich Tapes, has often provided interesting analysis of videogame industry data from the expected (NPD sales data analysis) to the interesting, yet unusual (analysis of a reward system like Achievements and Trophies) from Jesse Divnich, who currently serves as the Director of Analyst Services at Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR). Just yesterday, an article was posted in which Jesse uses his aggregate games data–which is quite impressive since EEDAR tracks “over 15,000 features for each game”–to dissect which games allow for a player-controlled female protagonist, broken down by genre and console.

Today it got even more interesting, as he broke down which games, by genre, only feature a male protagonist and which feature only a female protagonist. Not surprisingly video games as a whole are hands-down dominated by male protagonists in games. My job falls into the guilty party for not ensuring gender parity in the action genre since Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune prominently featured a male protagonist in Nathan Drake, but at least he wasn’t hypersexualized right?

The only exceptions to these lopsided set of statistics are that music and rhythm games have achieved parity and, perhaps unfortunate and stereotypical, “social & economic sim” games feature more female-only protagonists than male-protagonists.

Actually, now I’m extremely curious to see how this data breaks down by console by genre…

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