XABY Radio Episode 3 – Kojima Calls the WAH-mbulance

Faster than ever, Episode 3 of XABY Radio–the bi-weekly podcast I am on–is up already.

In this episode we discuss the usual topics like what we’ve bought and played in the past two weeks. I talk my impressions of Doki Doki Majo Shinpan 2 DUO, to which my impatient co-hosts were urging me to get to the witch touching part. I revealed the secret weapon to the witch touching–boob-touching combos–to much delight. And then I was pretty much met with stunned silence. Yeah.

We also had a great discussion regarding the comments made at TGS by Hideo Kojima (original Japanese story from Famitsu) and Yoichi Wada, both of whom suggested that the game development community in Japan is falling behind their western counterparts in innovation and technology, ceding a global leadership position these Japanese studios have traditionally held for quite some time. You will also want to check out Chris Kohler’s analysis of next-gen and the hardware divide in Japan on Wired’s Game|Life blog, where Kohler takes a look at the games by platform breakdown at the Tokyo Game Show. His article provides some insight, including quotes from other preeminent game developers on why Japan is seemingly shunning Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3 development relative to game development on the Nintendo Wii, DS and PSP platforms.

In other news, I’m pretty sure I’ll be angering not a few developers of games for the Wii and DS as I pretty much made a blanket statement that they were all cheap to develop and, in shovelware fashion, made to maximize money on indiscriminating consumers. Note: I’ve hired someone else to read my mail now.

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