Dear (gaming) Diary: Week of Nov 9, 2008

A weekly log of the games I’ve played accompanied by some random thoughts about them

Sunday, November 9, 2008
Halo 3
In my continuing effort to clear the campaign on Legendary with my co-op buddy, DMoTsunami, we tackled another level tonight, The Covenant. Overall this felt like a fairly short level, but let me tell you, it was quite satisfying pummeling the Scarabs with my Scorpion tank from afar while DMoTsunami kept them busy in his hornet. I managed to down one from a well placed cannon shot. Then the rest was just typical run and gun through the level to the end and then back out again.

We tried to jump through the rings for the IWHBYD skull and I think we messed it up so we would have to do the whole thing over again, but didn’t realize. So we restarted from the last checkpoint which I think compounded the problem even more so. All in all, I think I wasted about 45 minutes of our time trying to get the skull before we gave up. I’ll do it later, although I heard that DMoTsunami went back and started the level from the mission start on Normal and got it for himself.



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