XABY Radio Episode 4 – Back to Our Roots

Another two weeks, another podcast.

In this episode of the inexplicably blockbuster hit XABY Radio podcast (I may be lying here), Nayan, Josh, Eric, Segata and I discuss our recent game purchases, what we’re playing and we discuss “neo retro gaming.”

Why are we talking about “neo retro gaming” and what is this “neo retro gaming” you ask? Good question. It stemmed from Nayan’s post on High Dynamic Range Lying, “Neo Retro: Movement or Passing Fad” (since syndicated on Gamasutra) in which he discusses the appearance of recent neo retro style games and questions whether this style of game can have longevity for future generations.

This topic was also discussed during Episode 57 of the Retronauts podcast from 1UP.com when a reader letter (or e-mail) brings the topic up. Nayan took a bit of issue with how one Jeremy Parish presents his opinion and now Mr. Parish should fear for his firstborn… ok, not really, he should just fear the precious few seconds that Nayan talks about him on our podcast.

I, always your pathetic yet humble something or other, stay quiet for nearly the entire podcast and then ramble on incoherently whilst trying to posit some opinion on the topic. Obviously I was operating without coffee and/or beer this morning. Fail.

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  1. JVB says:

    I had no idea you were podcasting. I have to subscribe.

  2. arne says:

    Oh I'm terrible! But it's fun and I'm getting better.

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