Dear (gaming) Diary: Week of Nov 16, 2008

A weekly log of the games I’ve played accompanied by some random thoughts about them

Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Halo 3
DMoTsunami and I met up again to continue plowing through the Halo 3 campaign, still on Legendary of course. We’ve moved along in the story and now we’re surrounded by the Flood as we try to get, well, rescue Cortana. I hate the Flood. I think that goes without saying and I’m probably not alone. This chapter took us a while to complete as we often found ourselves a little too outnumbered and outgunned for our strategy, or lack thereof. We still managed to get through almost all of it fairly uneventfully until we hit that dreaded player disconnect issue that completely prevents us from getting the chapter listed as completed and the achievement for the level.


This disconnect issue means that DMoTsunami and I will be replaying yet another level in its entirety yet again.

Animal Crossing: City Folk
I know I shouldn’t have. I know it would be a recipe for disaster. As I stated just a couple of weeks ago, this series should really just be renamed the Tom Nook Mortgage Simulator. Kind of feels like real life, being stuck in debt nearly forever. However, I booted it up just the same. Well, after updating my Wii firmware and downloading the Wii Speak channel which will likely not get that much use, but hopefully I’ll get to try it sometime.

Having read nothing about Animal Crossing: City Folk, I was surprised to find that I could essentially import my character on the Nintendo DS version of Animal Crossing: Wild World. After downloading a small application onto my DS via ad hoc WiFi and a short wait, my character, arne, appeared in my new, Wii-based town, turnip. Essentially it seems your name and your general appearance–that is, your face–are transferred over so you don’t have to select that anew. I might just keep him and his cute Animal Crossing face rather than go into town to get a Mii makeover.

Alas, the wonder of a new game didn’t last that long as already, I was thrust into finding myself a suitable house that Tom Nook would be overjoyed to sell to me, no doubt in return for some small favors and eventually just explicit payment of Bells.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Oh how tedious Animal Crossing can be when you’re trying to accomplish a particular goal. I just want to get my friend code so I can open my gates and take advantage of the internet connectivity of the game with a bunch of people on a mailing list I’m on. I’m still running the first sequence of tasks for Tom Nook so I can’t do that yet and apparently my application still hasn’t cleared.

Thanks for the info, Copper! Grrr….

Friday, November 21, 2008
Grand Theft Auto IV
I start up this game in an attempt to try to get a quick mission off with Dwayne or Patrick McReary, but Roman decides to be his usual bumbling self and interrupt me when I want to be focused on a mission. Not only that, but the joker just wants to go play some darts. I’ve blown off my buddy a couple times recently, so guilty conscience concedes and I go play some darts with Roman. Thankfully, I’m good at darts and the game is over on my third set of throws. Of course, I have to drive Roman back home and that pretty much takes up all the time I had set aside at the moment.

Saturday, November 22, 2008
I’m still missing one piece from World 2 on this, so I found out as I entered the game after a long hiatus. Instead of trying to figure it out, I just continued trying to plow through the Worlds for now. I’m up to World 6, even though Worlds 3 through 5 have no more than two or three puzzle pieces each. I do like how each World provides a new piece to the gameplay mechanics that you have to wrap your head around to fully understand how to complete all the levels and puzzle pieces.

To be fair, I still haven’t fully grasped all that the ring can do, beyond slow down time with some limitations. I got the first puzzle piece in World 6 and the nothing else before I quit. Which was not that much longer anyway.

I have a feeling that this game is going to frustrate me to no end before I complete it, but at least at that point then I’ll be able to refocus back on the celebrated story to be found within Braid.


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