Credit Where Credit is Due

World in Conflict: Soviet Assault credits screenI noticed this weekend that my first ever credit has appeared in a game that was released this month — World in Conflict: Soviet Assault. Barring a (major) oversight and therefore subsequently being left out of the credits of The Bourne Conspiracy — which led to a promise of a lifetime supply of Sprinkles cupcakes which I’m still waiting for — this is the first game from my Vivendi/Sierra days to be released.

Yeah, I know it appears a little egotistical to be talking about this, but after years of working on the agency side, where you are the transparent, nearly anonymous “spokesperson for X company,” your work is never or hardly ever recognized in the credits. It’s status quo and there’s no expectation to be credited otherwise — it’s basically your job to be the invisible facilitator of information exchange. So it’s ok and all good, but also all the more reason to be a little excited once you do you show up in the credits!

There’s a few more games I worked on coming down the pipe in 2009, but who knows if the new publishers will as nice as Ubisoft to include anyone from before the Activision-Vivendi merger in the credits.

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  1. Lorcan says:

    Well when I play Uncharted 2, you'll be the first person I think about :)

  2. DaveMastor says:

    Yay, I'm glad you're happy! I don't think it's egotistical at all, you're one of the guys that does the unnoticed, yet necessary work for the games. Fans like me thank you!

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