Dear (gaming) Diary: Week of Dec 7, 2008

Dear (gaming) Diary - Week of December 7, 2008
A weekly log of the games I’ve played accompanied by some random thoughts about them

Sunday, December 7, 2008
Mirror’s Edge
Mirror's Edge screenshotToday I managed to get through Chapters 4 and 5 in Mirror’s Edge. Neither of these chapters felt particularly hard, although they did serve to advance the storyline a bit. Although the climax in Chapter 4 was meeting up with Ropeburn and then watching him get assassinated, the real highlight was the long getaway sequence underground in the subway system.

In Chapter 5 it’s clear I’m chasing whomever Ropeburn was supposed to be meeting with before he was killed. Not sure who it is yet, but they’ve got some heavy support as chasing them took me right into one of the more overwhelming firefights I’ve yet encountered. I keep thinking I can get to the point where I can sprint for 30 seconds and get the “Vrooom!” achievement, but I never do. Seems pretty difficult, at least at my skill level.

Guitar Hero World Tour
Guitar Hero World Tour - Eye of the Tiger band playStarted up the game to do another one of the three song sets. Although it’s not really, I could see being forced into multiple song sets from the get go could be somewhat frustrating or annoying. I don’t mind it, but I do enjoy the option of being able to select individual songs in a particular venue or genre.

I’ve only been playing guitar tracks and by myself so far though. I should probably make the effort to not play this alone sometime.


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